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From experience, Sarah knows only too well the problems which makers face: standing outside in the rain; long days behind a stall on a blustery day; relying on craft fairs and markets which are often expensive; and the absence of guaranteed footfall and takings. Whilst we cannot, of course, guarantee footfall and takings, Duck in Boots offers a space of your own in a high footfall area, at a price you can afford, and we are confident that takings (and your profit) will reflect these benefits. 

Prices start at just £20.00 per month, with no commission charge. The shop will absorb all additional costs, such as bags, tissue paper and wrapping (except for large items or those requiring specialist packaging), debit/credit card transactions, general advertising, website management and the general running of the shop. However, there will be a voluntary arrangement or a small monthly charge for staffing (more details in our information pack). 

Regular features on our social media accounts, professional photography of items, retail space on our website and artisan profiles will also be included in the rental space.

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